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The Challenges of Caring for a Spouse with Alzheimer's

The Palace Group Senior Living
15 November, 2023

Caring for a spouse with Alzheimer's is a journey that requires immense compassion, patience, and resilience. Let's explore some strategies and resources that can help one navigate this difficult phase.

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Top Websites for Seniors in 2023

The Palace Group Senior Living
27 July, 2023

The notion that elderly people aimlessly browse the internet without knowing what to do is untrue. Many older folks spend more time online than their grandchildren do, creating vast friendship webs and forging active online personas. The internet provides the opportunity to study practically anything, deal with obstacles in life, and establish enduring friendships. Many older citizens utilize the internet to leave a legacy, tell their story, and promote the causes that are most important to them. Senior-friendly websites complement your goals and interests while assisting you in developing an active next step.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
What are the benefits for Senior Citizens?

The Palace Group Senior Living
14 July, 2023

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (link to #5), or HBOT, is indeed a fascinating topic. Imagine this: a treatment that lets you breathe pure, life-giving oxygen in a controlled, pressurized environment, allowing your body tissues to soak in all that oxygen goodness. HBOT is just that, a scientifically validated therapy that’s been around the block, providing relief to divers with decompression sickness, people who’ve suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, and those wrestling with hard-to-heal wounds.

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Two new promising drugs introduced to help treat Alzheimer’s.
What we know now.

The Palace Group Senior Living
13 July, 2023

LEQEMBI and DONANEMAB are two new Alzheimer's drugs which have garnered a great deal of attention in the media. Both have shown promising results in clinical trials. These new drugs are part of a pipeline of treatments based on a decades-old theory that Alzheimer's disease is triggered by amyloid that accumulates in patients' brains and can be slowed by drugs that remove the buildup of this protein.

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Starting a Business After Retirement

Life Experienced from Kaiser Permanente
18 January, 2023

When 83-year-old Barbara Fox contemplated retirement, she didn’t envision moving to a Senior Living Community and enjoying carefree days of canasta or pickleball. She just wanted to escape the demands of managing her large Miami home as a single divorcee.

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